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Armaflex Foam Duct Liner

Armaflex Foam Duct Liner

Armaflex foam duct liner by Armacell is a flexible thermal insulation with a self-adhering backing. It is a closed-cell elastomeric foam that can reduce or eliminate conditions amplifying biological contamination and bioaerosols in commercial air conveyance systems.

Engineered to control condensation, Armaflex foam duct liner has an inherent vapor retarder and requires no additional mastic or coatings. It is non-wicking and has a very low rate of water absorption. It continues to prevent water infiltration even after incidental mechanical abuse. It is non-dusting, contains no formaldehyde, and withstands temperatures of 250 F (121C) when tested according to ASTM C 411.

  • Requires no additional mastics or coatings.

  • Non-wicking.

  • Very low rate of water absorption.

  • Continues to prevent water infiltration even after incidental mechanical abuse .


AP/ Armaflex SA Duct Liner is a suitable replacement for traditional duct liner in air handlers, VAV units, ducts and other air system components requiring condensation control and moisture and damage resistance. It meets the requirements of NFPA 90A, NFPA 90B for Duct Coverings and Linings, and UL 181.


  • Non-wicking; 0.2% water absorption.

  • Smooth surface that reduces dirt and debris

  • Elastomeric construction.

  • Closed-cell construction.

  • Inherent vapor retarder.

  • Self-adhering backing.


  • Reduces water presence in system and insulation.

  • Inhibits amplication of biological contaminants.

  • Basis for continuing system hygiene.

  • Resistance to incidental damage.

  • Nondusting.

  • Longer life

  • Wont contribute to air quality problems.

  • Requires no mastics.

  • Competitive total installed cost.

  • No solvent vapors (with compression joints.


Armaflex Duct Liner

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