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Insulation Coatings, Adhesives, Caulk, Insulation Tape, Insulation Mastic, Banding, Wire, Insulation Staples, Insulating Cement, Mechanical Fasteners, Pin Welder, Application Accessories

Insulation Application Accessories

Note: Not all items are listed so give us a call if you don't see what you are looking for.

Coatings & Adhesives:
Armaflex® 520 Adhesive
  For use with Armaflex insulations
Armaflex® WB Finish
  For use with Armaflex insulations
Polyco PVC Cement Adhesive
  Used to bond PVC plastic to itself
Stick Pin Adhesive
  For adhering anchors for hanging
Polyguard RG2400® LT
  Anti-Corrosion Coating
Polyguard RG2400® ET
  Anti-corrosion Coating
CP-10 & CP-11 Mastic
  Durable water based vinyl-acrylic
CP-35 Low Perm Mastic
  Water based vapor retarder coating
CP-50A Lagging Adhesive
  For finishing and adhering lagging
  cloths over insulation
CP-70 Flexible Sealant
  Non-shrinking, permanently
  flexible sealant for a variety of
Pittcote® 300 Finish
  (for use with FOAMGLAS Insulation)
Pittcote® 404 Coating
  (for use with FOAMGLAS Insulation)
Nashua 357 Spray Adhesive
  Ideal for tacking in insulation

XtraBond® 150 Silicone Sealant
XtraBond® 450 Silicone Sealant
XtraBond® 150HT High Temp Silicone Sealant
XtraStop® 550 Smoke & Draft Sealant

Staple Guns & Staples:
• Flare staple gun
• Plier staple gun
• Hog Ring staple gun
• Flare Staples
• Plier Staples
• Hair pin staples
• Copper Clad staples
• P-7 hog ring staples
• Type"C" Pnuematic staples
• Type "D" Pnuematic staples
• Galvanized hog ring staples
• Stainless Steel hog ring staples

Banding & Seals
• Aluminum
• Stainless Steel

Insulation Cements
• Insulation Finishing Cement
• 1200° Insulation Cement
• 1900° Insulation Cement

Safety Protection
• Safety Suits
• Asbestos Removal Safety Items

Insulation Tape:
• PVC Tape
• Armaflex Tape

• All Foil Tape
• ASJ Tape
• FSK Tape
• Duct Tape
• Glascloth Tape
• Monofilament Tape
• Self Seal Tape
• Saran Tape
• Vinyl Tape
• Zero-Perm Tape
• Tedlar Tape

• Stainless Steel Wire
• Stainless Steel Mesh Wire
• Hex Wire
• Expanded Metal Lathe

• Pin / Stud Welder
• Brushes
• Glue Guns
• Pusher Bar Tensioner
• Bungee Cord
• Knives
• Knife Sharpener
• Scissors
• Shears
• Nippers
• Caulk Guns
• Utility Saw
• Trowels
• Spring Clamps
• Pipe Calipers


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