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Perlite Pipe & Block Insulation - Temperlite® 1200° Thermal Insulation

Perlite Insulation - Temperlite® 1200° Thermal Insulation

Temperlite® 1200° Perlite Thermal Insulation is a rigid, high temperature, water resistant molded perlite thermal insulation available in either block, pipe or molded fitting form. The product is a light gray material with dark heat stabilized flecks throughout the product for easy identification as an insulation which does not contain asbestos.

Temperlite® 1200° Perlite Thermal Insulation is outstanding for its moisture, corrosion, and fire resistance. It exhibits excellent thermal performance and maintenance of integrity under extreme heat conditions up to 1200° F, and it combines the strength and rigidity needed to withstand installation abuses with an ease of fabrication in the field that maximizes fabrication equipment life.

Features and Benefits:

Moisture Resistance: At temperatures up to 600° F, Temperlite® 1200° Perlite insulation is extremely resistant to water absorption. Mechanical strength and thermal performance are preserving and the insulation will not act as a reservoir for jacket corrosion as is common with many other rigid insulations.

Corrosion Resistance: Because Temperlite® 1200° Perlite insulation is high in silicates and non-wicking, it will, not cause or promote stress corrosion cracking of austenitic stainless steel.

Thermal Performance: Temperlite® 1200° Perlite insulation provides excellent thermal insulating properties throughout its full range of use. This thermal efficiency results in reliable temperature control for critical process operations.

Fire Resistance: Temperlite® 1200° Perlite insulation will not burn or carry flame. It has a flame spread of zero and smoke developed of zero when tested per ASTM E 84.

Heat Stability: Unlike some other rigid insulation, Temperlite® 1200° Perlite insulation will maintain its integrity and insulating efficiency even under conditions of soaking heat up to its full 1200° F recommended operating range.

Rigidity: Temperlite® 1200° Perlite insulation is designed and manufactured to provide strength required to withstand personnel traffic and other common installation and application abuses.

Ease of fabrication: Temperlite® 1200° Perlite insulation cuts easily and cleanly, minimizing fabrication time in the field and prolonging fabrication equipment life.

Temperlite® 1200° Perlite insulation

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