Spray Foam Sealant, Foam Insulation, Window & Door Foam Sealant, Handi-Seal,  Insulated Sealing Foam, Foam Sealant, Spray Foam Insulation, HANDI-FOAM®

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Spray Foam Sealant, Foam Insulation, Window & Door Foam Sealant, Handi-Seal,  Insulated Sealing Foam, Foam Sealant, Spray Foam Insulation, HANDI-FOAM®

Window & Door Spray Foam Sealant - Handi-Seal®

Window & Door Spray Foam Sealant - Handi-Seal®

Handi-Seal® Window & Door Sealant is a high performance insulating and sealing foam designed specifically for window and door frames. Unlike typical expanding foams, Handi-Seal® Window & Door Sealant possesses unique low pressure expansion properties. This unique Low Pressure specialty foam virtually eliminates any chance of window and door frames bowing or binding after the foam expands.

As is true of all Handi-Foam® products, Window & Door Sealant features a closed cell structure. Due to this unique feature, viewable only under a microscope, Handi-Seal® cannot absorb water. This allows Window & Door Sealant to provide not only a better R-value than regular fiberglass insulation but also means that mold & mildew will be prevented from growing in your walls where foam has been installed. Reducing areas in a building that can support mold and mildew growth promotes healthier and longer lasting structures. Handi-Seal® has an R-value of 4-5 per inch, making it very effective for insulating and sealing. Window & Door Sealant will dry tack-free in 5 minutes and can be cut and trimmed within 1 hr. Optimal application temperature of the can contents is between 65 F – 100 F. Air temperature during application can range from 40F to 115F.

Handi-Seal® Window Sealant Foams are available in 2 can styles, Straw Foam and Gun Foam.

Always read all operating, application and safety instructions before using any products from Fomo Products, Inc.

Use in conformance with all state and local building codes and federal regulations; obtain building code approvals before use, and follow all safe handling requirements.

User of this product must determine suitability for any particular purpose, including, but not limited to, structural requirements, performance specifications and application requirements prior to installation and after product has been properly applied.

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Handi-Seal Window & Door Spray Foam Sealant

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